Thursday, June 17, 2004

IndeX of The JavaMusiK BloG

This is an IndeX listing of every posted BloG on The JavaMusiK BloG:
*FIA Picks indicate Featured Indie Artist Pick

  • BloG #1: So this is a Blog?
    Ponderences on the idea of a BloG and JavaMusiK defined.

  • BloG #2: Where The Links Are...
    Links to JavaMusiK OnLine.

  • BloG #3: Area 51 - The Dreamland Experience....
    Personal trek to Rachel, Nevada - outside of Area 51

  • BloG #4: FriendZ of JavaMusiK
    Links to some great indie music online.

  • BloG #5: Nooo..... Nothing's been said here.....
    Ponderences on my writing's worthiness of BloGgy material and links to music message boards.

  • BloG #6: Do You See What I See?
    My experience with Lasik eye surgery.

  • BloG #7: Up And Adam!
    Some people wake up at different hours than others...
    *FIA Pick (Featured Indie Artist Pick) - Sammi Morelli

  • BloG #8: Where navel lint finally gains acknowlegement...
    Ponderences with point whatsoever....
    *FIA Pick - Glenn Thompson

  • BloG #9: Station Links
    Links to internet music stations where some great indie music can be found.

  • BloG #10: Area 51 Links
    Links to some very informative sites about Area 51.
    *FIA Pick - Laura J Boll� and Chris Kalessin

  • BloG #11: Howdy! Now Go Away!
    Ever have your space impeded upon?
    *FIA Pick - Evan Paul Kozaris

  • BloG #12: JavaMusiK Musical Influences - Breadcrumbs picked up along the way...
    Who has shaped the music of JavaMusiK through the years??? hmmm......
    *FIA Pick - Michael James Moore

  • BloG #13: There Is Superstition....
    Watch out for that #13....
    *FIA Pick - Europica

  • BloG #14: The JavaMusiK BloG Featured Indie Artist Picks so far...
    Index to the indie artists we have gotten to know so far. Continually updated.

  • The JavaMusiK BloG Index
    Index to The JavaMusiK BloG postings.

  • BloG #15: Paying Jobs I've Held
    One more thing to shape The JavaMusiK Perspective...
    *FIA Pick - Scott Landers

  • BloG #16: Storm King Sacrifice
    The South Canyon Fire 10 Years On - In Memory of 14 Fallen Firefighters
    *FIA Pick - Ed Drury

  • BloG #17: Will It Work? Stay Tuned!
    In pursuit of the Holy Grail of Independence...
    *FIA Pick - Lisa

  • BloG #18: Open Road - Part 1
    A look back at some awesome rides...
    *FIA Pick - KMP

  • BloG #19: Open Road - Part Deux
    A further glimpse into bicycling road journeys from the past...
    *FIA Pick - Project Mercury

  • BloG #20: Open Road - Part Deux II
    An even further glimpse into bicycling road journeys from the past...
    *FIA Pick - Lana J Albert

  • BloG #21: This Is Just Sad
    Boring lamentations on the state of my writing &/or mental health...
    *FIA Pick - Mike Milillo

  • BloG #22: On Inspiration....
    What is it? Where does it originate from? Who knows???
    *FIA Pick - Damien Project

  • BloG #23: Life Can Serve Some Tough Lessons

  • BloG #24: A Post I made at

  • BloG #25: Ten Years?..!! (JavaMusiK prepares to celebrate 10 years!)

  • BloG #26: My Personal Educational Mission is Complete!

  • BloG #27: Route 451 on YouTube

  • BloG #28: Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Changes

  • BloG #29: An Exercise In Futility? Or...

  • BloG #30: Official Launch of Alpine Road Publishing

  • BloG #31: Boston Conservatory Welcome address by Karl Paulnack

  • BloG #32: Recent & Upcoming Concerts 4 My Guilty Pleasure

  • BloG #33: It has been quite slow as of late...

  • BloG #34: Testing the Twitter Waters....

  • BloG #35: Showcase in the Mountains....

  • BloG #36: Preview of Newly Recorded Rough Drafts Posted

    *FIA Picks indicate Featured Indie Artist Pick

    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • All Featured Artist Picks are chosen from FriendZ of JavaMusiK.
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