Friday, June 11, 2004

BloG #11: Howdy! Now Go Away!

  • See below for our BloG #11 Indie Artist Pick!

    This BloG is being edited to protect the innocent....
    Stay tuned for the updated version to BloG #11.
  • Meanwhile, see below for our BloG #11 Indie Artist Pick!

    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • A feature recently added to The JavaMusiK BloG has been to highlight an independent artist who we feel deserves our recommended attention.

  • This BloG issue's Indie Artist Pick is Evan Paul Kozaris - Acoustic Guitar-based Instrumentals from Toronto, Canada.

  • Evan Paul is a Canadian songwriter instrumentalist. After decades of playing live in various bands in Canada and the United States, Evan has settled into writing and recording. But he still does the odd live performance as solo, sometimes for free at the beach. Unlike the music of the past, which was mostly electric guitar and vocals, he has switched to classical contemporary, developing his own unique style of playing. The result is music that is easy listening, yet very uplifting and spiritual with overtones of many genres, but threaded with his own original sound.

  • We have found Evan Paul to be one of those rare souls who's music can capture your heart with the strum of the first chord. With accompaniments that may include the sound of the ocean or seagulls, his guitar-based melodies are guaranteed to lift your spirits upon first listen. Evan can often be found networking & collaborating with fellow musicians at Indie Hangout. We recommend giving a listen to Broken Wings (learning to fly with) and Ripples.

    Congratulations Evan Paul!

  • Evan Paul Kozaris - Acoustic Guitar-based Instrumentals from Toronto, Canada

  • If you are an artist or band who would like to be listed and featured in The JavaMusiK BloG, e-mail us and we will get you listed. All Featured Artist Picks are chosen from FriendZ of JavaMusiK.

    Scott Landers said...

    Great choice! Evan is a really underrated guitarist and songwriter who does occassionally sing (and should do it more often)

    Sammi Morelli said...

    Evan is a great choice!! He is such an incredible person and artist.. he continually inspires both musically and humanly. I highly recommend listening to his amazing music!

    Jeff Van Devender said...

    We would be remiss if we didn't mention Evan's collab w/ Ed Drury here - a great tune. Pacific Sunset - "A collaboration with the very talented multi instrumentalist Ed Drury, who plays the digeridu and percusion, while Evan handles the guitars, percusion and bass. Result, an awsome world track.

    Visit Ed at Ed' SoundClick Site.

    Anonymous said...

    One Angry Swede checking in again.

    Commenting on your neighbors rant. I unfortunately can relate! Thankfully the 'problem neighbors' have been few and far between - but they do leave a lasting impression. The rental house across the street seems to have been built with a revolving folks moving in every couple of months.

    Good luck......perhaps you'll be inspired by it. 'The Dog Poop Blues'? ;) I wrote a song inspired by my neighbors titled 'There Goes The Neighborhood' and by the time I finished recording it - they moved away!