Tuesday, May 11, 2004

BloG #1: So this is a Blog?

Hmmm..... BLoG - Short for WeBloG - a place to post your every thought in cyberspace where who knows who(?) will stop in to discover & analyze your level of sanity or lack of it. Write enough of them & you can begin to collect enough written thoughts to record in published hardcopy form..... or print off for inkstained firestarter.

I have no idea what direction this project will take. Honestly, I had no intention of doing this even one half hour ago, but surfing around in Google led me to this free Blog site & I clicked a few buttons right into this site. So, here we are.

I've always credited myself with having nothing of any value to say, thus one of my many reasons for NOT singing on my cd's. That said, it should be interesting to see if The JavaMusiK BloG ever has ANY point to it whatsoever....

Equally interesting will be to see whether The JavaMusiK BloG will ever attract ANY readers. Personally, I cannot think of one reason for anyone to ever stop in & read this drivel. But, I digress..... After all, I'm sitting here writing to entertain myself. Some people read to entertain themselves. Who knows? Maybe these 2 sad facts will accidentally, by some strange twist of cosmic fate, intersect & some poor soul will end up on this site just before his/her internet connection, or better yet, his hard drive freezes on this screen. Bored & looking for some sort of meaning to it all, he/she will begin to read & his/her reading habits will force him/her to continue reading, due to the sad quirkiness of the subject matter laid out all over this page.

See? NO POINT whatsoever..... Probably should be used as a subtext in the title of The JavaMusiK BloG ...no point whatsoever. I think I like it!

I guess now would be a good time and place to introduce myself, rather than saving for a later post.
  • My online identity is most often known throughout my web presence as JavaMusiK.
  • I play piano and promote my music at JavaMusiK where there are many links to my music online and my cd's, available for purchase.
  • My title is Jeffrey van D on my cd's, which are titled Ascend (1998) & Bending Chords (2002)
  • I live in a small town on the western slope of Colorado - born in Iowa & raised in a small town in the heartland of Iowa, USA.
  • I teach music in an elementary school in a small town on the western slope of Colorado, USA.
  • I play piano every weekend for two churches and a Five Star Hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

  • As this BloG continues through time, I'm guessing more may be revealed about my state of existence, but this is more than plenty for now.

    Thanks for reading... I think.

    1 comment:

    German Fafian said...

    Hey java. I just had bitten by the blog fever too and thanks to you.
    Have my own blog now too.
    Take care.
    Germ from Kaos Axiom.