Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blog #34: Testing the Twitter Waters....

So after fighting it & calling it ridiculous, I'm now going to give twitter the obligatory test drive. Seeing as how you cannot turn on a tv or surf the net w/out hearing/reading the word twitter, and seeing as how I am about to embark on a 3rd cd release and can use all the promotion I can get.... I'm going for it.

There's just one slight little detail that I have yet to wrap my brain around. Finding subscribers who are going to give a hoot about any/every little thought that pops out of my messed up head. I can barely think of anyone I care to subscribe to for that purpose, so it seems a little silly to expect anyone to find their way to my domain and expect them to care. And, so it goes... the evolutionary process.

I made a comment somewhere (and I'm sure it's been observed elsewhere & regurgitated all over the place) to the effect of, first came blogging (here we are with THAT one) followed by facebook (not mentioning the myspace trainwreck) and now here's twitter.

I heard on the news this week that twitter execs are looking at an upcoming surcharge for twitter usage. If that's the case, then my twitter use will be shortlived at best. They don't charge me to blog & now 5 years into it, I'm still limping along with that technology. Thousands of words typed & I still haven't said a damn thing worth reading.

So, here's your invitation to come, join in & watch my twitter trainwreck at . I truly have no clue what I'm doing, so it should be a real hoot. Meanwhile, you can be on the lookout for twitter updates on my upcoming cd recording throughout the month of June.



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