Tuesday, July 06, 2004

BloG #16: Storm King Sacrifice

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  • This post is being made on the 10th anniversary of a terrible tragedy which I was a witness to.

    On July 6, 1994, 14 firefighters were killed in a firestorm on the side of Storm King Mountain in the South Canyon Fire just west of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

    Storm King Sacrifice was written at the base of that mountain 4 years later.

    Please visit the following links about Storm King Sacrifice:

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    The JavaMusiK Perspective of The South Canyon Fire

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    Feature story including JavaMusiK: Fallen Firefighters Strike Chord With Musicians

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    Editorial story featuring JavaMusiK: Former Ottumwan (Oskaloosan) commemorates Colorado tragedy

  • Oskaloosa Herald
    Cover story featuring JavaMusiK: Van Devender remembers fallen firefighters

  • PRWeb Press Release
    "Storm King Firefighters Piano Tribute Soars Back for 10 Year Remembrance"

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    "Tribute To Fallen Storm King Firefighters in Colorado Released"

  • eMediaWire Press Release
    "Firefighter Tribute Tops Charts"

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    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • A feature recently added to The JavaMusiK BloG has been to highlight an independent artist who we feel deserves our recommended attention.

  • This BloG issue's Indie Artist Pick is Ed Drury - World Music featuring didjeridu from Portland, Oregon

  • Ed Drury is a multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author. Since 1989, he has pursued his first love, the study of various traditional music forms from around the world. Today he combines his experience with classical music and his love for traditional music forms by composing music inspired by his world travels.

    Ed lives in Portland Oregon where he teaches, performs and records. Ed has performed with Francis Firebrace-Jones, a Yorti Yorti story teller, with Australian Folk Musician and songwriter Clancey Dunn, Jawighe, Michael Stirling, Jawihge, Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Dave Crowder and Land of the Blind.

  • Ed Drury is a stirring performer who gives you the feeling you're tapping into an ancient realm as you listen to him work his way around the didjeridu, native flutes and other fascinating instruments.

    While the didgiridu is usually seen (heard) as an instrument of choice from the Aboriginal cultures of Australia, Ed Drury seems to be at the forefront of bringing the instrument to the forefront of American culture! You only have to listen to his many collaborations with various musicians on his site to witness Ed smashing down the barriers of typical historical reference. Doing so will open your eyes and ears to a wonderful new, yet ancient, powerful dimension of sound that you just cannot get enough of!

  • We recommend giving a listen to Jewell and She Said Ahhh (featuring Lisa) a thourough listen.

    Congratulations Ed Drury!

  • Ed Drury - World Music featuring didjeridu from Portland, Oregon

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    Scott Landers said...

    Wonderful pick, those songs you spotlighted show how Ed is... A man who writes songs for good people like the song 'Jewell' and his collab with Lisa show how diverse and talented he is.. and he just so happens to be a great guy too ;) Salute to Ed Drury and Jeff who was smart enough to pick him!!