Friday, May 28, 2004

BloG #8: Where navel lint finally gains acknowlegement...

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    Yikes! This BloG thing seems to be developing a sort of rhythm to it.

    Upon initial consideration, I was pretty sure I'd have nothing to say and no idea how to say it. I still feel that way, as I really haven't said anything of value yet, but this idea of a forced journal is, in a way, a good mental exercise that may pay off somehow later. How? I have no clue. In the meantime, no one seems to be getting seriously hurt in the process and more cyber firestarter is increasing bandwidth on a server at some remote location. All is indeed quiet on the Western Front.

    Summer break has officially started for my family and myself (I am a teacher by profession) today, which opens up a plethora of time for various possibilities. This, I think, is the best time of year. To look forward into the immediate future and see multiple weeks with no commitment to the timeclock just makes me giddy with goosebumps all over. Don't get me wrong. I love to work. But, I think I love to not work even more! Just as long as the paycheck still finds it's way over.

    So, in this exercise of forcing myself to come up w/ something to say on a regular basis, I am becoming increasingly aware of a couple points. First, there is always an opportunity to write. Even with an acute awareness that there is nothing to write about, the exercise of setting aside a few moments to sit down & begin typing eventually leads to a few forced thoughts to drip out, however benign they may seem. Even this drivel that is currently posted right here isn't appearing in my thought process until the fingers tap the keyboard. I suppose you could call this a practiced lesson in creativity.

    Secondly, defining a purpose for the creation of ponderences is not entirely a bad thing. I can't say that that has been done here yet, and as I write this sentence I am considering the methods for which I might begin that search for a purpose. Check back with me later for the results on that one...

    Maybe after a period of posting various descriptions of my observances surrounding the proverbial lint in my navel, something will eventually rear it's head as a meaningful thought. This is just speculation and may have absolutely no basis in projected reality. The lint in my navel rarely has time to gather dust, so pondering such nominal factors is never really an option at this point.

    As you read these non-descript postings, you are always welcome to post a comment by clicking on the 'Comment' link at the lower right of these pages. You never know, a comment just might trigger an avalanche of ideas to post about. "Let the floodgates open!" he proclaimed.

    That's just about enough for this posting. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I will be gone for about a week. In the meantime, feel free to have a look around the premesis and leave no stone unturned!

    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • Starting NEW with BloG #7 and continuing here on #8, we'll be featuring an independent artist who we feel deserves our recommended attention.

  • This BloG issue's Indie Artist Pick is Glenn Thompson from Australia.

  • Glenn Thompson is working in a variety of forms to subvert existing paradigms and re work neural pathways. Described variously as "excellently strange" and "retro pop" he considers music the life blood of the soul and capable of the most enigmatic transformations.

  • Glenn occupies a special presence on the boards. His warm and supportive nature combined with his unique blend of music with it's wonderful sense of melancholy and an early 80's retro quality gives us at JavaMusiK a renewed enthusiasm for creativity. We highly recommend giving 'We Can Fly From Here' & 'Some of Us' a listen.

    Congratulations Glenn!

  • Glenn Thompson - Retro Pop from Australia

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