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BloG #22: On Inspiration...

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  • Inspiration:
    noun -a product of your creative thinking and work; "he had little respect for the inspirations of other artists"; "after years of work his brainchild was a tangible reality"
    noun -arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity

    This seems to be a touchy and highly personal concept.
    What inspires one person will invariably turn another individual completely off.
    That said, what can inspire one person one day can completely shut them down the following day.

    While not diving too deep into semantics, this sketch will attempt to analyze on a surface level without anyone getting hurt.
    Bear in mind this is all purely theoretical speculation and cannot be verified as fact by any means whatsoever!

    When considering inspiration, we must consider two components.
    First, the source of inspiration. What element caused the sudden reactionary impulse leading to a desire for action?
    Second, the particular resulting action caused by the inspiration. What was the impulsive action generated and what was it's connection to the source of inspiration?

    Let's start with the first listed component - source:
    The source of inspiration can depend on a wide range of factors, the state of mind of the receiver at that given moment being chief among them. Receptiveness of one's mind varies on a multitude of levels, causing the receiver to necessitate a diverse assortment of external and internal influences to trigger an aroused inner response.
    The source must trigger at least one, if not a blending of senses in a positive manner, causing the brain to desire emulation. It is this desire to emulate which becomes the synthesis leading to action caused by said inspiration.
    A particular sight, scent, sound, touch or combination of these elements will ultimately trigger inspiration, be it simple or more grandiose, happy or sad, love or hatefilled, excitement or rage.

    This leaves us with the other component - particular resulting action:
    Somehow, a connection is created in the receiver's mind from the trigger, leading to a desired result only experienced by that particular individual. Someone else experiencing the same stimulation at the same moment, time and place will undoubtedly not experience that same devine intervention. Why is that? The answer may partially lie in the frame of reference of both individuals. Quite possibly the stimualtion touched off a previous recollection which instantaneously demanded action to satisfy it's intensley insatiable craving now created. Meanwhile, the other individual has no previous experience to 'hang his hat on,' thereby not being intensley inspired by that particular stimulation.

  • Speaking from personal experience, I have found so many things through my lifetime that have inspired me in so many ways, it is hard to conceive the full breadth of their reach for myself. Life loses it's vigor once inspiration ceases to demand attention from it's intended receiver. How one chooses to utilize their given allotment of inspiration throughout their lifetime can ultimately define their lasting legacy.

    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

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  • BloG #22's Indie Artist Pick is Damien Project - JDRF: Juvenile Diabetes....Music For a Cure

  • Damien Project: "We came in to existence for one ultimate goal. To bring awareness about, to teach people, and to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, and in the process have had our music used in Film and Documentary works!"

    Mark Skipper's daughter Tori, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was 18 months old. She has already lived with Diabetes for more than half her life and she is only 4 years old. She has already had 3960 injections of insulin and has had over 6600 finger pricks to check her blood sugar, just to keep her alive. When this happened, it became Marks mission to help raise awareness about this disease through his music.

  • The topic which was written about for this particular Blog was inspired solely and entirely by Mark Skipper, otherwise affectionately known among fellow musicians as Damien Project. This particular weekend, Mark is focusing all his energies to raising money and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes through an all-weekend telethon at He has been tirelessly promoting, leading up to this fateful weekend and now it is here, which is why I am writing at 3 am. We here at JavaMusiK find that to be a highly admirable cause and salute Mark for such dedication! Officially, Damien Project consists of Mark, his daughter Tori, and collaborative musicians Rachel Pardieck, Lana J. Albert and Jill No Jack.

    While I hardly know Mark, I have become familiar with several key factors concerning him. Mark would probably tell you that his most prominent passion is all things yogurt (such as how to correctly throw it), yet anyone who has dug deeper will immediately tell you he has a much more meaningful motive and resolve. The last 3 years have given Mark a new sole purpose in life through his daughter Tori. His quest for a cure for Tori's devastating illness all but consumes Mark in a tireless devotion through his music and efforts at raising awareness.

    To write about Damien Project without mentioning the music would seemingly defeat our purpose, for this particular music holds up completely without the aid of such a worthy cause. While the cause is definitely the icing on Damien Project's yogurt flavored cake, the music featuring Mark's guitar prowess provides a skilled and appropriate sonic backdrop and soundtrack to accompany this cause.

    The listener will find guitar-based instrumentals, punctuated by the occasional featured vocal track. There is just enough edge in the music to keep it intriguing, while maintaining a sonic sense of aural peace throughout. Mark's guitar gently weeps over Lana's rich orchestrations and Jill & Rachel's occasional vocals.

  • Their SoundClick page is full with a wide variety sure to please any listener. Do not hesitate to visit Damien Project where you can listen and learn more about JDRF! A good start would be 140 Queen St., a collab with Lana J. Albert dedicated to a house Mark lived in, destroyed by Hurricane Hugo, which he loved dearly. We also really like Rachel's Theme. While we understand voacals are coming and we look forward to hearing it with them, we feel it currently stands well without the vocals.

    Congratulations Damien Project!

  • Damien Project - JDRF: Juvenile Diabetes....Music For a Cure

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