Tuesday, June 15, 2004

BloG #14: The JavaMusiK BloG Featured Indie Artist Picks so far...

This BloG is going to showcase The JavaMusiK BloG Featured Indie Artist Picks we have visited so far. Please be sure to pay them a visit and enjoy their wonderful music. It is by far better (and more diverse!) than anything you'll ever hear on radio!

  • BloG #7 Indie Artist Pick is Sammi Morelli from Vancouver, Canada.

  • Think Alicia Keys meets Amanda Marshall and you have the powerful vocals and soulful urban pop/rock sound of Sammi Morelli, gift wrapped with classic beauty inside and out. Sammi injects soul and passion into her vocal delivery, and connects completely and convincingly with her lyrics. "I have this incredible passion to do more than sing a song. I want to communicate and move people at a soul level, to dance, cry, feel joy, clap along and to think."

    Sammi has been a featured artist on MTV, has had her music video PERFECT aired on MUCHMUSIC, and her song LET ME BE THE ONE featured on Warner Bros. hit tv series SMALLVILLE. UNLIMITED was the title of her debut album and unlimited is definitely part of the Sammi signature, as she writes the personal empowerment thread through her music. International, and North American performances including Madison Square Gardens in New York City , have seen audiences charged by Sammi's dynamic, entertaining performances where she clearly champions for the happily obsessed, creatively possessed.

  • Sammi is definitely worth a looksee & listen in our opinion here at JavaMusiK! We have found her to be a very supportive member at IndieHangout.com who happens to have a wonderful voice with a very polished and professional sound. We highly recommend giving 'Masquerade' & 'Invisible' a listen.

    Congratulations Sammi!

  • Sammi Morelli - Urban Pop/Rock from Vancouver, Canada

  • BloG #8 Indie Artist Pick is Glenn Thompson from Australia.

  • Glenn Thompson is working in a variety of forms to subvert existing paradigms and re work neural pathways. Described variously as "excellently strange" and "retro pop" he considers music the life blood of the soul and capable of the most enigmatic transformations.

  • Glenn occupies a special presence on the FuNEnD3R.com boards. His warm and supportive nature combined with his unique blend of music with it's wonderful sense of melancholy and an early 80's retro quality gives us at JavaMusiK a renewed enthusiasm for creativity. We highly recommend giving 'We Can Fly From Here' & 'Some of Us' a listen.

    Congratulations Glenn!

  • Glenn Thompson - Retro Pop from Australia

  • BloG #10 Indie Artist Pick is Laura J Boll? featuring Chris Kalessin - "Natural Music" from London, UK

  • Welcome to the music of Laura J Boll? and Chris Kalessin, a brand new songwriting partnership out of London UK, featuring the exceptional vocals of Laura J Boll?.
    Laura's vocal style has been compared to Norah Jones, Christina Aguilera, Barbra Streisand and Sade, and the music ranges from classic piano ballads to sweet drivetime pop, contemporary beats, commercial and catchy RnB, power pop and credible latino jazz-funk!

  • Laura and Chris have found their way into the hearts and minds of many musicians online and throughout the UK. We first found them on the FuNEnD3R.com boards and later at Indie Hangout. The music is refreshingly beautiful featuring strong arrangements by Chris and wonderful vocal interpretations by Laura. (I have to mention here that my twin daughters are fascinated by their music.) We highly recommend giving 'Angel' & 'Without You' a listen.

    Congratulations Laura & Chris!

  • Laura J Boll? featuring Chris Kalessin - "Natural Music" from London, UK

  • BloG #11 Indie Artist Pick is Evan Paul Kozaris - Acoustic Guitar-based Instrumentals from Toronto, Canada.

  • Evan Paul is a Canadian songwriter instrumentalist. After decades of playing live in various bands in Canada and the United States, Evan has settled into writing and recording. But he still does the odd live performance as solo, sometimes for free at the beach. Unlike the music of the past, which was mostly electric guitar and vocals, he has switched to classical contemporary, developing his own unique style of playing. The result is music that is easy listening, yet very uplifting and spiritual with overtones of many genres, but threaded with his own original sound.

  • We have found Evan Paul to be one of those rare souls who's music can capture your heart with the strum of the first chord. With accompaniments that may include the sound of the ocean or seagulls, his guitar-based melodies are guaranteed to lift your spirits upon first listen. Evan can often be found networking & collaborating with fellow musicians at Indie Hangout. We recommend giving a listen to Broken Wings (learning to fly with) and Ripples.

    Congratulations Evan Paul!

  • Evan Paul Kozaris - Acoustic Guitar-based Instrumentals from Toronto, Canada

  • BloG #12 Indie Artist Pick is Michael James Moore - Christian Folk/Rock from Oceanside, CA.

  • Michael James Moore is a California-based singer/songwriter instrumentalist. In today's music climate, it seems like you never truly get to know an Artist. Even more rare is an Artist that tells their life story without reservation. Enter Los Angeles, California born Michael Moore and you've found your man. Michael James Moore is a unique artist in that; he reaches out to a side that many of us are guilty of trying to control without the influence of God in our lives. Michael's debut album is merely the beginning of a relationship with an artist who reminds us that there is more to us than what we see in ourselves because there is a higher power that will provide, if we just let Him guide us.

  • We find it refreshing to discover an indie artist so willing to share his faith in his music. Michael James Moore has been a supportive and vibrant presence at the JustPlainFolks boards whom we have found to create music with an honesty on a personal level and very much worth a listen. Recommended listening from Michael James Moore includes Sail Away and Shadows Of Wings .

    Congratulations Michael James Moore!

  • Michael James Moore - Christian Folk/Rock from Oceanside, CA

  • BloG #13 Indie Artist Pick is Europica - Reggae from Bedford, England.

  • Peter Romanowski is a bassist from Bedford, England. After playing in bands for some years in and around his home town Pete decided to write some of his own songs. In Europica you will find mostly reggae and a few other genres too.

  • We found Pete/Europica lingering on the boards at FunEnder.com. It wasn't long before we began to notice Europica's unique banner on many friend's playlists. So naturally, we checked out the music and found a uniquely appealing form of Reggae that cannot be heard just once. The groove quickly gets under your skin 8-) and you HAVE to hear it again! Another thing we noticed about Europica Pete is the genuine interest he takes in fellow indie musicians. His propensity to help others makes Peter Romanowski the person a very likeable fellow indeed!

  • We recommend giving a listen to Will you be my Brother? with fellow Indie musicians Jason Didner & Ed Drury and The Journey Home.

    Congratulations Reter Romanowski - Europica!

  • Europica - Reggae from Bedford, England

  • BloG #15 Indie Artist Pick is Scott Landers - Guitar-based Instrumentals from Destin, Florida

  • Scott Landers is an instrumental guitarist. His style of play is bluesy, aggressive 80's type instrumental metal/hard rock. He just so happens to do his playing sitting down due to being diagnosed as having muscular dystrophy in 1987. His talent and upbeat outlook on life, despite his hardships come from his faith in God.

    Scott started playing guitar at 16. He stayed with one band during the 80's and 90's, Blue Collar - who played in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Now Scott is trying his hand at being a solo instrumentalist.

  • Scott Landers comes across as one of those all 'round good guys who you're just attracted to 'hang out' with. Lucky thing for all of us that the site he just happens to be the administrator for is called IndieHangout.com. His positive demeanor has attracted a diverse base of indie musicians who regularly come together at Scott's cyberhouse and hangout, discuss music and anything else that musicians will stray into. Imagine your favorite hangout during your college days where everyone would get together. That's Scott's cyberhouse "IndieHangout.com."

  • With Scott, it's about a whole lot more though. Scott has taken a seemingly insurmountable hurdle and turned it into a major track event with his guitar! Being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy nearly 20 years ago has only brought more focus to his musical efforts. Listening to his finely polished guitar acrobatics, one would never be aware of such an infliction as what Scott faces. If you like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai or any other of the guitar gods who strutted across the universe of 80's guitar rock, you've got to give Scott Landers a listen!

  • We recommend giving a listen to Happy Fast Thing and Polophony Overload a thourough listen.

    Congratulations Scott Landers!

  • Scott Landers - at SoundClick

  • The Official Site

  • Scott Landers - at Ampcast

  • IndieHangout - at Scott'sCyberHouse

  • BloG #16 Indie Artist Pick is Ed Drury - World Music featuring didjeridu from Portland, Oregon

  • Ed Drury is a multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author. Since 1989, he has pursued his first love, the study of various traditional music forms from around the world. Today he combines his experience with classical music and his love for traditional music forms by composing music inspired by his world travels.

    Ed lives in Portland Oregon where he teaches, performs and records. Ed has performed with Francis Firebrace-Jones, a Yorti Yorti story teller, with Australian Folk Musician and songwriter Clancey Dunn, Jawighe, Michael Stirling, Jawihge, Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Dave Crowder and Land of the Blind.

  • Ed Drury is a stirring performer who gives you the feeling you're tapping into an ancient realm as you listen to him work his way around the didjeridu, native flutes and other fascinating instruments.

    While the didgiridu is usually seen (heard) as an instrument of choice from the Aboriginal cultures of Australia, Ed Drury seems to be at the forefront of bringing the instrument to the forefront of American culture! You only have to listen to his many collaborations with various musicians on his site to witness Ed smashing down the barriers of typical historical reference. Doing so will open your eyes and ears to a wonderful new, yet ancient, powerful dimension of sound that you just cannot get enough of!

  • We recommend giving a listen to Jewell and She Said Ahhh (featuring Lisa) a thourough listen.

    Congratulations Ed Drury!

  • Ed Drury - World Music featuring didjeridu from Portland, Oregon

  • BloG #17 Indie Artist Pick is Lisa - Ambient World Fusion from UK

  • Lisa is best known for her sultry, expressive vocal style and versatility with regard to genre, powerful lyrics and haunting melodies.

    Lisa is a singer and songwriter from the UK who leans towards the traditional songwriting approach of strong lyrical content and memorable melodies. She is becoming best known for her sultry vocal style and versatility with regard to genre, having written, recorded and collaborated in new age, pop, alternative, hard trance and classical improvisations among others. Lisa has achieved considerable chart success on Soundclick and Artist Launch with main genre #1's in Electronica, Acoustic and Alternative.

  • To limit your knowlege about Lisa to just her body of musical work would be a sad shortchanging of what is truly available. With Lisa, there is definitely so much more. Beauty notwithstanding, Lisa exemplifies the vision of a woman of intense physical and inner beauty, wit, talent and charm.

    Musicians lucky enough to extract a collaboration featuring the steamy vocals of Lisa atop their instrumentation, suddenly gain attention like they have never experienced before. Lisa chooses her background music very carefully with an ear for ambience surrounding the framework of her canvas enveloping the portrait she chooses to reveal. There are times when her image may seem like a lost angel trying to rediscover her wings and halo in her body of illusion. To listen to Lisa is an experience and journey into a sensual, yet ethereal encounter like never before witnessed musically.

  • We recommend giving a listen to Love Like Wine, featuring the background musical wizardry of KMP (Harout Kalandjian) and The Story Of You And Me (click at SoundClick if previous link doesn't work), featuring the musical background created by Zimphf.

    Congratulations Lisa!

  • Lisa at SoundClick - Ambient World Fusion from UK

  • Lisa at ArtistLaunch - Ambient World Fusion from UK

  • BloG #18 Indie Artist Pick is KMP - A Melting Pot of Musical Genres from Los Angeles, CA

  • With the recent release of You're In My Trance, KMP (a.k.a. Harout Kalandjian) has proven his extraordinary talent and diversity to the industry. His transitions from Electronica to Ambient to World Fusion are resourceful and precocious and display an undisputed amount of forbearance and aptitude.

    With online music distribution companies running rampant, KMP's affluent notoriety has him scaling a plethora of chart positions attaining irrefutable reviews from songwriters and fans alike. In such a competitive industry, KMP's stake at fame is void of ambiguity.

    KMP can only be described as a melting pot of musical Genres. Harout Kalandjian is well known for mixing it up. He is not afraid to combine styles and present it the way he hears it in his mind...

  • JavaMusiK has observed that LA based artist KMP approaches his art form in a variety of dimensions. While circumventing the impression of pidgeonholing his musical image into just one genre, several listens will reveal a signature sound clearly identifiable as belonging to the distinctive approach of the enigmatic KMP.

    First, there is the music. While Electronica and Ambient seem to be at the forefront of his stylings, we also notice traces of straight ahead Rock & Roll, Jazz, New Age & World Fusion woven throughout his vast repertoire. The inclusion of KMP's many different collaborations has indeed contributed to his expanded musical fashion.

    KMP has also recently begun employing an increased implementation of visual awareness into his image. While the package doesn't submerge or completely embrace this perception, you can often feel evidence of a translucent obscurity moving stealthily throughout his aura. Upon second glance, however, you will receive a very uplifting motif throughout his message. This is where the ambiguity settles in as a portion of the image. We have yet to fully discern the meaning of the name KMP, however there seems to be some interesting speculation going around.

  • Harout's new album will be titled PASSION... Current collaborations includes several Ambient tracks featuring The One And Only LISA / Hip Hop to feature JUSTAMAN and NICKI NOVA / New Age to feature A Haunting Siren For The Modern Age QUEENIE / Pop tracks featuring New Jersey rocker JASON DIDNER / World Fusion featuring Master Instrumentalist ED DRURY / Take this trip from Electronica to Ambient and World Fusion to New Age. A Melting Pot Of Musical Genres, KMP Style.

  • We recommend giving a listen to Abandoned - Into Better Hands (feat. Jason Didner) and 7th Sin (featuring Lisa) a thourough listen.

    Congratulations KMP!

  • KMP - A Melting Pot of Musical Genres from Los Angeles, CA

  • KMP at SoundClick

  • In recognition of the 35th anniversary of our first landing on the moon, BloG #19's Indie Artist Pick is Project Mercury - A female-fronted acoustic rock & modern folk band from New Jersey & New York.

  • A distinctive, memorable and mercurial mix of rock, modern folk and blues, Project Mercury serves up ethereal harmonies, haunting violin, evocative guitar and piano. Their first CD, Light This Candle, showcases just what happens when a singer-songwriter comes of age during the reign of classic rock.

    Light This Candle whispers, winks and wails, as it takes listeners on a musical journey, with a "space ballad" a la Bowie's Space Oddity... a Kashmir-esque Middle-Eastern epic...and pop at its catchiest. All are united by Project Mercury's signature hooks and intelligent, deeply felt lyrics.

  • Closer examination by JavaMusiK has revealed that the NY based ensemble Project Mercury escorts the listener through an occasional brush with social consciousness to a seemingly more innocent time and place through their music. The moniker, Project Mercury, appears to be an ideal fit with it's optimistic reference to the imminent NASA mission of it's time. The music and subject matter create a seamless blend captivating the targeted audience with it's down-to-earth, yet occasional dreamy feel.

  • We recommend giving a listen to Faded Leather and Light This Candle a listen.

    Congratulations Project Mercury!

  • Project Mercury - Acoustic Rock/Modern Folk from New Jersey/New York

  • BloG #20's Indie Artist Pick is Lana J Albert - "Capturing Life's Emotions in Music" from Roseville, Minnesota.

  • Lana J Albert: "Bringing you closer to the journey to the inside of your soul and back again..."

    Sit back and enjoy a great journey into the depths of emotion and passion with Lana's music. There are no limits, no barriers, and no apologies for the immense intensity you will encounter. Lana's music runs the gambit of ambient, smooth jazz, new age, and fusion.

  • Occasionally, you bump into something really special which captures your attention and won't let go. If you're lucky, that something might happen to be in a field which you are somehow associated with. Today, I had the blessed misfortune of bumping into Lana. In return for a favor she had offered, I decided to play her page and see who this kind person was.

    Boy, was I in for a royal treat! The brilliance shone through from beginning to end. I could not step away through the whole session. I was afraid I might miss something! Rarely, do I feel the immediate satisfaction from having every emotion captured by an artist. Lana's music left no stone unturned. In conclusion, my personal note to Lana is: Consider me your newest fan!

  • We recommend giving the whole of Lana's page a listen. But, you might start with Trial By Fire featuring the brilliant guitars of Scott Landers and Lana's collab featuring guitar by Mark Skipper of Damien Project, My Epitaph (2004).

    Congratulations Lana!

  • Lana J Albert - "Capturing Life's Emotions in Music" from Roseville, MN.

  • BloG #21's Indie Artist Pick is Mike Milillo - "Life Does Not Beat in 4/4 Time" from Somewhere in the USA.

  • Mike Milillo: "There is one thing in this life that I trust, other than my wife and kids of course, and that's my ear! It never ever lets me down...Ever!"

    Mike Milillo writes and experiments with the element of free Jazz, Classical(film music),Political Humor, Comedy, Instrumental Rock, Jazz Fusion, Hip Hop...Oh yea, there's some stellar education as well!
    "Originally a sax player in a fusion band, I later studied Bebop and performed in that realm for a bit. I decided that I wanted to write my own ideas which are based on my everyday experiences. I simply love to organize notes and that in itself intrigues me. I consider myself more of a note organizer than simply a composer. I find that I may usually get bored with simple motifs or thematics, so I found that incessant modulations made me really find what I love to do. I like to keep myself on the edge as well as any potential listener..."

  • When considering who to feature in this particular BloG, Mike Millilo seemed like the obvious choice for the subject matter, once the BloG was written. While I do not know Mike that well, I have formed a few perceptions based on what I have heard and read from Mike over the last several months.

    The first word which comes to mind regarding Mike is passion. Whether it be creating new music, listening to music or discussing things close to Mike, he enters the fray on a level which may not always be clear to the intended audience upon initial exposure. Mike's analytical depth presents a sometimes humorous, always intriguing, though often times challenging product for the intended party to discern.

    While this may seem like a negative for the average person inflicted with such traits, quite the opposite is true when considering Mike. Discussions with Mike border on humorous and very thoughtful, yet you get the feeling that he is very committed to a highly elevated standard and belief structure. This concept becomes more apparent once you make the leap to venture into his aural playground.

    Citing influences ranging from Frank Zappa to John Coltrane and Igor Stravinsky to John Cage with many stops in between, Mike's compositional stategies challenge the listener to make more than one pass at his offerings before a full awakening to what is happening can occur. However, with such a vast catalogue as Mike's, the listener has seemingly limitless choices of genres to choose from. One thing that can invariably be assured is, when listening to a Mike Milillo production, you are in for a genuine treat which will keep on giving with every consecutive listen.

  • While Mike's SoundClick page is vast, we recommend giving serious time and listens to his product. A good start would be Jazz Schmazz... featuring Tenor sax...Mike Milillo...Trumpet...Dennis Wieand... A beautiful ambient piece we would also recommend comes from Mike's collboration with Barry Durdant-Hollamby titled Beyond Time.

    Congratulations Mike!

  • Mike Milillo - "Life Does Not Beat in 4/4 Time" from Somewhere in the USA.

  • BloG #22's Indie Artist Pick is Damien Project - JDRF: Juvenile Diabetes....Music For a Cure

  • Damien Project: "We came in to existence for one ultimate goal. To bring awareness about, to teach people, and to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, and in the process have had our music used in Film and Documentary works!"

    Mark Skipper's daughter Tori, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was 18 months old. She has already lived with Diabetes for more than half her life and she is only 4 years old. She has already had 3960 injections of insulin and has had over 6600 finger pricks to check her blood sugar, just to keep her alive. When this happened, it became Marks mission to help raise awareness about this disease through his music.

  • The topic which was written about for this particular Blog was inspired solely and entirely by Mark Skipper, otherwise affectionately known among fellow musicians as Damien Project. This particular weekend, Mark is focusing all his energies to raising money and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes through an all-weekend telethon at IndieRadioLive.com. He has been tirelessly promoting, leading up to this fateful weekend and now it is here, which is why I am writing at 3 am. We here at JavaMusiK find that to be a highly admirable cause and salute Mark for such dedication! Officially, Damien Project consists of Mark, his daughter Tori, and collaborative musicians Rachel Pardieck, Lana J. Albert and Jill No Jack.

    While I hardly know Mark, I have become familiar with several key factors concerning him. Mark would probably tell you that his most prominent passion is all things yogurt (such as how to correctly throw it), yet anyone who has dug deeper will immediately tell you he has a much more meaningful motive and resolve. The last 3 years have given Mark a new sole purpose in life through his daughter Tori. His quest for a cure for Tori's devastating illness all but consumes Mark in a tireless devotion through his music and efforts at raising awareness.

    To write about Damien Project without mentioning the music would seemingly defeat our purpose, for this particular music holds up completely without the aid of such a worthy cause. While the cause is definitely the icing on Damien Project's yogurt flavored cake, the music featuring Mark's guitar prowess provides a skilled and appropriate sonic backdrop and soundtrack to accompany this cause.

    The listener will find guitar-based instrumentals, punctuated by the occasional featured vocal track. There is just enough edge in the music to keep it intriguing, while maintaining a sonic sense of aural peace throughout. Mark's guitar gently weeps over Lana's rich orchestrations and Jill & Rachel's occasional vocals.

  • Their SoundClick page is full with a wide variety sure to please any listener. Do not hesitate to visit Damien Project where you can listen and learn more about JDRF! A good start would be 140 Queen St., a collab with Lana J. Albert dedicated to a house Mark lived in, destroyed by Hurricane Hugo, which he loved dearly. We also really like Rachel's Theme. While we understand voacals are coming and we look forward to hearing it with them, we feel it currently stands well without the vocals.

    Congratulations Damien Project!

  • Damien Project - JDRF: Juvenile Diabetes....Music For a Cure

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    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • If you are an artist or band who would like to be listed and featured in The JavaMusiK BloG, e-mail us and we will get you listed. All Featured Artist Picks are chosen from FriendZ of JavaMusiK.

    Heather Leona said...

    These artists are Wonderful!

    evan paul said...

    I have known Lana for quite a while now and had the pleasure of collab with her in Dec. of 2004 on a song called "Here and Now". She is by far the most intense and emotional creator of original music I have ever come across. I, like so many others, instantly fell in love with her music and became a big fan. There's a certain warmth in her style that is irrisistable and captures your mind and never lets it go. She is incredibly versatile in all genres of music, an excellent reviewer and not many people know this, an incredible singer with bluesy and emotional feeling unparelled in her voice. I would love to capture that vocal and showcase it at some point in the future. She is in my mind, the cream of the Indie crop.