Saturday, July 10, 2004

BloG #17: Will It Work? Stay Tuned!

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  • Here I sit, once again writing w/out any idea where this narrative is going to go. It just so happens that it is late, I should be in bed, yet I feel a need to create. The piano is too loud for this hour when 5 other souls are asleep in the household (each daughter has a friend over tonite) so the next option is to write. Unfortunately, I have no topic in mind. That can pose a problem, I suppose. So far though, I have already managed to eek out a few lines of generally nothing here. Let's see if the stream will eventually pick up any conscience along the way. Stream of Conscience or Stream of Conscious?

    I keep hoping that one day I can begin to exist w/out having to punch in to a workplace. Financial independence - the holy grail of existence. I haven't figured out the route yet, but that is not to say I haven't taken baby steps to try to some day make it happen. My hope is that somehow a foundation is being laid which might eventually lead to something bigger, causing an avalanche of wealth. Will that come about from working for someone else? Not likely. Will it come about from conforming to standards of everyone else who is doing the same job as I? Doubtful. I don't have the answers. However, I feel it is imperative to continue a search for that avenue which may someday produce results beyond my wildest dreams, whether it be through a creation I developed, an investment I made, an idea I had or maybe some other completely unknown route to this holy grail.

    The one thing I've been learning is that we all can increase our chances of success with a good model. Modeling - watch someone who has already achieved success in their goals. Choose your model carefully! Learn from them. How do we do that, especially if we don't personally know anyone with the type of success we are looking for? Read. Read as much as you can & read some more. Tap in to what their secrets were. What did they do differently?

    I do believe that in order to be prepared for financial wealth, one's soul must be in line with one's self. It doesn't seem possible to be able to experience independent wealth & survive without first being in tune with one's inner self. This may indeed sound like quackery to some, but I think from the reading I have done so far, I am not too far off on this one.

    Let's explore this a bit. If a person hasn't taken care of their own inner needs along the way, what is going to happen to them once they achieve their financial goal? It has often been said that money cannot buy happiness. Others argue that while that statement may be true, money can sure substitute for a lot of inequities &/or misgivings. That may be so... But, how long does it last?

    To truly experience financial wealth, one must be able to sustain a level of inner wealth as well. Otherwise, a void will always eat at the inner self, causing a dangerous imbalance which will fester and eventually cause destructive behavior in that person. This may be through relationships with those closest to that person or maybe even business relationships. Or maybe they will have self-destructive tendencies that they will not be able to work their way out of. Indeed, these issues need to be taken care of before the distractions that come with financial wealth settle in.

    So, as I look at my own situation, I find that my past has been a training ground for what is yet to become. Mistakes are being made to lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow. The key to all my mistakes is to be sure to try to learn a life's lesson from it. Try not to repeat the same mistake and use the said mistake as an opportunity to evaluate the current course of travel.

    I once read that our subconscious minds are nearly incapable of distinguishing between what is reality and what is fantasy or a goal. This may explain the importance of focusing on the positive and not dwelling on the negative. Dream the dreams and try to be specific. Imagine you have achieved your goal already and keep focusing on that as if it is reality. Supposedly, the sub-conscious mind will figure out how to get you there. Prayers & God, anyone?

    I'm prepared to test this principle & see if it works. Stay tuned!

    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • A feature recently added to The JavaMusiK BloG has been to highlight an independent artist who we feel deserves our recommended attention.

  • This BloG issue's Indie Artist Pick is Lisa - Ambient World Fusion from UK

  • Lisa is best known for her sultry, expressive vocal style and versatility with regard to genre, powerful lyrics and haunting melodies.

    Lisa is a singer and songwriter from the UK who leans towards the traditional songwriting approach of strong lyrical content and memorable melodies. She is becoming best known for her sultry vocal style and versatility with regard to genre, having written, recorded and collaborated in new age, pop, alternative, hard trance and classical improvisations among others. Lisa has achieved considerable chart success on Soundclick and Artist Launch with main genre #1's in Electronica, Acoustic and Alternative.

  • To limit your knowlege about Lisa to just her body of musical work would be a sad shortchanging of what is truly available. With Lisa, there is definitely so much more. Beauty notwithstanding, Lisa exemplifies the vision of a woman of intense physical and inner beauty, wit, talent and charm.

    Musicians lucky enough to extract a collaboration featuring the steamy vocals of Lisa atop their instrumentation, suddenly gain attention like they have never experienced before. Lisa chooses her background music very carefully with an ear for ambience surrounding the framework of her canvas enveloping the portrait she chooses to reveal. There are times when her image may seem like a lost angel trying to rediscover her wings and halo in her body of illusion. To listen to Lisa is an experience and journey into a sensual, yet ethereal encounter like never before witnessed musically.

  • We recommend giving a listen to Love Like Wine, featuring the background musical wizardry of KMP (Harout Kalandjian) and The Story Of You And Me (click at SoundClick if previous link doesn't work), featuring the musical background created by Zimphf.

    Congratulations Lisa!

  • Lisa at SoundClick - Ambient World Fusion from UK

  • Lisa at ArtistLaunch - Ambient World Fusion from UK

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    evan paul said...

    Lisa is such a sweetheart, aside from her awsome singing and writing ability, she happens to have that personality that draws you into her no pun intended, WEB. Once there, you can't help yourself but become a fan for life and you never want to leave, you can't even if you try to. This is one special lady who deserves all the success she's had so far, and will have in the future. She said Ahhhh...and I said Yahhhhh...