Wednesday, May 19, 2004

BloG #5: Nooo..... Nothing's been said here.....

5 BloGs ALREADY??!!!?
No! It can't be!

How can I make an argument that I have nothing to say of any substance...EVER, if I can come up w/ 5 BloGs in 1 week!??!
Okay, well officially there is only 2 BloGs that really say anything. The other 2 (b4 this one) only contain links, so really I've only said half as much as it appears I've said. Look closely and you can easily note that I've still said absolutely.....nothing at all!

You have to admit...There's nothing there. Okay, a bit of a dribble about a road trip I recently took. But, where did I go??? According to the official government position, I didn't see anything. The place I went to see doesn't exist! So, my argument that I have nothing to talk about still sticks! Ask your favorite government official! Go ahead...I'll wait.....

Interestingly, I do post on several music 'boards' around the ol' net. You can find my postings if you search around at, & Look closely at my postings. Did I say anything that will alter the course of our world??? Heck no. 8-)

Seriously though,, & are 3 excellent places to hang out if you have any musical interests. You will find a supportive, friendly environment where many other creative individuals come to share & just blow some hot air into CyberSpace.

Uh Oh.... Did I just say something? (Looking back & up) Okay, if I just stop here, I can still play the averages.... I don't say MUCH. "He's a quiet Bloke, he is - doesn't have MUCH to say....." 8-D

Well, as a man of few words - I think I'm going to keep this BloG post short. Save some for later, I always say. SAY?!?? Noooo..... Please stop before I.......

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