Sunday, May 03, 2009

BloG #33: It has been quite slow as of late...

This was originally posted exclusively on my MySpace page, but since I still consider this my blogging home...

The last year has seen me focused on settling myself into a new job, new house and new bigger church that I'm playing organ & piano for this year. While that has meant a general improvement in my life as a whole, it has also meant I have just needed to basically keep my nose to the grindstone for awhile and hold fast to whatever I have as still being concrete.

Change is often good, but can easily remove you from the familiar, which can sometimes be unsettling. Toss into the mix the depths and peaks associated with the recent loss of my father and finishing my masters degree, and the plot thickens.

Some might say a musician's music takes a back seat during times like these. While the jury is still out on my perspective with this idea, I prefer to see it as a development of future repertoire not yet composed. The suppression and release of emotions associated with all the change, highs and lows can only lead to more flavor in the context of what is yet to be created.

When composing, I can only explain the process as a feeling that I am merely an observer to what is transpiring, even though the transaction is taking place through my fingers. This may be a reflection and release of the suppressed responses built up over time finally constructing into musical expression. Then again, I'm probably just full of crap and speaking complete jibberish here.

JavaMusiK will see a presentation of my music in the Colorado mountains near Estes Park at YMCA of the Rockies June 9. I always enjoy these shows. This will be followed by some possible studio time in Iowa. We remain hopeful that a 3rd release will finally begin to take shape. Money is currently the biggest factor. Fingers crossed. Visit to stay up to date on this front.

In addition, Alpine Road Publishing has been patiently waiting for my computer which has become infirmed recently. Files of sheet music transcriptions are being held hostage b/c my short-sightedness led me to not necessarily back-up those files before the laptop went on hiatus. Hope remains that data will be safe. Look for new transcriptions to be added to the fold sometime mid summer. Currently, 2 composition transcriptions (Alpine Road & The Awakening) are available at our store.

Thank-you for your interest and support. Our music is always available for your listening pleasure at CD Baby and iTunes, as well as royalty-free licensing. You can also find some pretty cool JavaMusiK merchandise at our CafePress website. Go take a look! My music is available for live presentations and event bookings through JMK Ceremony Music. Inquiries are invited. Contact info can be located in the article or through our official website's contact page. Stop by and say hello.

Jeff Van Devender

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