Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog #25: Ten Years?..!!

10 Year Approach . . . (January 2008 will be the official anniversary)

Where does the time go??? Nearly 10 years have passed and what a ride it has been!

To celebrate our upcoming anniversary, JavaMusiK will share some stories of historical significance, over the course of the next few months, about the formation, struggles and successes along the way. (The first such story is shared below.)

As these stories are compiled, they will be added to the archives here on our own JavaBlog. If you read this and have something to add or share, please e-mail us at . We'll make sure to include your perspective in the next issue of this newsletter! (If you haven't subscribed to The JavaMusiK Newsletter, get on it! Sign up in the following box. We have no access to your e-mail addresses since subscriptions are moderated by a third party - .)

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The First Days . . .

January 4, 1998 - Jeff Van Devender loaded his gear & headed for a studio in Minnesota 50 miles from his residence on a cold winter Sunday. Enroute on his first trip, his car overheated & broke down half way to the studio, forcing Jeff to place a call from a country farmhouse for the studio owner to come pick him & his equipment up so the first session could begin.

Thus began the venture.. or adventure....

Ascend was recorded over the course of several Sundays between January & March 1998 in a small studio above a boutique in Minnesota Lake, MN.

Release date was July 10, 1998. The first promotional concert was held at the Methodist Church in Swea City, IA. That show also served as a farewell to the community, since Jeff was preparing to move to Colorado within a month's time. Many more shows followed throughout the summer & fall seasons with varied successes, including a well-received homecoming showcase in Oskaloosa, IA.

Each show was a new and exciting experience for audience and performer alike. The first couple shows featured a warm and much appreciated introduction by Jeff's father, William Van Devender. The build-up from that intro was incomparable & helped get Jeff and the audiences psyched for the show.

Upon moving to Colorado, full page articles in Vail, Aspen & Glenwood Springs newspapers helped attract a sizeable audience to a series of shows featuring Van Devender throughout the fall season of 1998.

Spring 1999 saw Jeff head up an effort to host a charitable concert for Kosovo featuring musicians from up and down the Roaring Fork Valley. It was hugely successful and foreshadowed another charitable cause down the road....

More JavaMusiK perspectives can be found here throughout The JavaMusiK Blog. Feel free to peruse...


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blog #24: A Post I made at

The following is a post I feel strongly about concerning the slow & sad death of a forum many indie musicians used to thrive at. We shared many an idea & conversation there, but many
factors have forced the site into near-cyber-oblivian. I post this here as a back-up, in case the posting gets deleted by moderators.

Here is the posting, titled "errrrrrr!!!! (he said with a high screeching voice)":

The IH forums are moving about as fast as me getting a new cd out! ba-dum-bump

The IH forums are nearly as entertaining as an Al Gore choreographed dance routine. ba-dum-bump

The IH forums make recent Van Halen reunion attempts look promising. ba-dum-bump

The IH forums have made even yet another Rocky Balboa comeback seem possible. ba-dum-bump

The IH forums have put on brakes Midas would be proud of! ba-dum-bump

The IH forums need some new life breathed into it's lungs. C'mon people!

This is going to sound like I'm baiting you & maybe I am, but I visited F**EnD*R recently for giggles & noticed they are still thriving over there, with even a few IH'ers contributing. Meanwhile, IH is looking more & more like a dead dog on the side of the road with no-one seeming to give a rat's behind. The old excuse that the days of forums are over is a lame excuse at best.

Why has this place been allowed to dive this way? Everyone seemed so passionate a couple years back. Especially in being so anti F3R. Was that the only thing that drove everyone here? Is that all she wrote? Are you all done? Just give up the ship & disband?

Seems the only time anyone has anything to say is if Mike M. makes another mind-bending contribution. Even the most recent Damien Project yogurt tosses have raised barely an eyebrow here.


Why not re-kindle some friendships & bring in some new artists to share the love & regenerate a good idea, otherwise just admit this was a failed experiment & say so at the top of the page. Post a bold statement that the dream is over inder the IH banner. I would find that sad, but at least it would offer some closure, which seems to be needed, sort of.

I believed in you guys. Closed up my Premium F3R account.

So sad, she wrote. So sad.