Monday, June 21, 2004

BloG #15: Paying Jobs I've Held

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    The development of JavaMusiK over the last 30 years has included a few jobs along the way. Some for longer periods than others. Each one has left me with something gained, whether I liked it or not:

  • Paper Boy - 2 different newspapers from age 11 off & on through age 16.
  • Corn Detassler - Many different summers.
  • Bean Walker/Roguer - Another summer job in the fields of dreams.
  • Waiter & Dish Washer - Special Events - Another high school job...
  • Grocery Stock Boy/Cashier - 2 years during high school.
  • Salad Bar Attendant - Summer employment during college.
  • Ice Cream Shop Attendant - Summer employment during college.
  • Audio/Visual Technician - Summer employment during college.
  • Cameraman & News Assistant - 2 years during college.
  • Pizza Manager Trainee/Deliveryman - First job out of college upon moving to Colorado.
  • Short Order Cook - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Department Store Janitor/Security - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Coupon Book Sales Telemarketer - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Motor Paper Delivery - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Delivery Driver - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Chinese Food Deliveryman - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Health Club Maintenence - 1st year out of college included many different jobs, including this one.
  • Resort Housekeeping - 1st week at a resort before my other duties started.
  • AV Tech - Back to a job I had during a college summer.
  • Resort Winter Maintenence - Stayed on at the resort through Fall.
  • Radio DJ - Moved home for a bit - Country Radio: never saw that one coming!
  • Department Store Stock/Cashier - A temporary job in Milwaukee
  • CD & Tapes Store Manager - First real step toward a career.
  • Symphony Subscription Sales - A move away from slave wages.
  • Church Maintenence - A job during teacher certification schooling.
  • Substitute Teacher - Fun!
  • Piano Teacher - Off & on for 15 years.
  • Elementary General Music Teacher - First teaching job.
  • Elementary Music/Middle School Band & Choir/High School Band Teacher - Moved to Iowa for a spell & spread myself thin.
  • Solo & Ensemble Contest Judge - For whom the bell tolls...
  • Middle School Choir Director - Upon moving back to Colorado.
  • Middle School Band/High School Band & Choir Teacher - One step to the left...
  • Elementary General Music & Band/Choir Teacher - Current teaching position.
  • Church Pianist - 2 churches & one church choir every week.
  • Wedding & Special Events Pianist - On call...
  • Hotel Pianist - One or two nights per week at a 5 Star Hotel in Aspen!
  • Festival Security Detail - Those 12 hour shifts are a killer on the feet!

  • Interesting, huh?

    JavaMusiK - Piano-Based Instrumentals from Western Slope, CO

  • A feature recently added to The JavaMusiK BloG has been to highlight an independent artist who we feel deserves our recommended attention.

  • This BloG issue's Indie Artist Pick is Scott Landers - Guitar-based Instrumentals from Destin, Florida

  • Scott Landers is an instrumental guitarist. His style of play is bluesy, aggressive 80's type instrumental metal/hard rock. He just so happens to do his playing sitting down due to being diagnosed as having muscular dystrophy in 1987. His talent and upbeat outlook on life, despite his hardships come from his faith in God.

    Scott started playing guitar at 16. He stayed with one band during the 80's and 90's, Blue Collar - who played in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Now Scott is trying his hand at being a solo instrumentalist.

  • Scott Landers comes across as one of those all 'round good guys who you're just attracted to 'hang out' with. Lucky thing for all of us that the site he just happens to be the administrator for is called His positive demeanor has attracted a diverse base of indie musicians who regularly come together at Scott's cyberhouse and hangout, discuss music and anything else that musicians will stray into. Imagine your favorite hangout during your college days where everyone would get together. That's Scott's cyberhouse ""

  • With Scott, it's about a whole lot more though. Scott has taken a seemingly insurmountable hurdle and turned it into a major track event with his guitar! Being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy nearly 20 years ago has only brought more focus to his musical efforts. Listening to his finely polished guitar acrobatics, one would never be aware of such an infliction as what Scott faces. If you like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai or any other of the guitar gods who strutted across the universe of 80's guitar rock, you've got to give Scott Landers a listen!

  • We recommend giving a listen to Happy Fast Thing and Polophony Overload a thourough listen.

    Congratulations Scott Landers!

  • Scott Landers - at SoundClick

  • The Official Site

  • Scott Landers - at Ampcast

  • IndieHangout - at Scott'sCyberHouse

  • If you are an artist or band who would like to be listed and featured in The JavaMusiK BloG, e-mail us and we will get you listed. All Featured Artist Picks are chosen from FriendZ of JavaMusiK.


    evan paul said...

    Scott is an inspiration to me not only as my favourite rock guitarist and composer, but someone that posseses all the traits that I consider necessary to make one stand out above the crowd. He is a positive force, a wonderful human being, someone I look up to and trust with the truth, and he does stand for truth. He is probably the biggest supporter of indie music, and we all love him dearly. This is an excellent pick Jeff, I know no other artist more deserving for BloG#15.

    Anonymous said...

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