Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Behind the MusiK...
Post #1 - Genesis of a Series

Behind the MusiK...
Post #1 - Genesis of a Series

Before my first recording, Ascend, was released on the JavaMusiK Label in 1998, I used to hope a major label would just somehow discover my music and sign me to a record deal thus making my dreams of being a signed musician come true. Over the course of time, my realization that that dream could easily take several lifetimes to make happen evolved into a course of action to develop my own record label and release the recordings myself.

Bending Chords
At that time, I had roughly ten compositions/arrangements in the can ready to be recorded. These songs emerged from 17 years of experimenting with composition and/or developing my own arrangements of songs I liked. I began to recognize the reality that if they were ever to see the light of day, I was the only person who could make that happen. Thus, the genesis of JavaMusiK.

Don't Ever Forget
So now, 22 years on, I have released 66 songs on 6 cd albums. 31 compositions. 35 arrangements. Each song has a story. Stories about how the song originated, how it was recorded, what inspired it, perhaps what drove the arrangement, etc..

Yuletide Reflections
Some of those stories are quickly becoming forgotten. In an effort to help myself remember and keep the stories alive, I have decided to develop a weekly series that will take a deeper look at what narrative might lurk behind each song. Some of these stories occasionally get told at my concerts. Many don't, but their stories are no less worthy of sharing.

Evensong Meditation
Each cd album also has it's own story. These stories will also be shared across the series.
Grey Havens: in the journey

This first posting is officially announcing the inception of this weekly series slated to begin next week.
Stay tuned!

Jeff Van Devender

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