Thursday, June 13, 2019

Grey Havens - In the Journey: 

Order Today!

Grey Havens - In the Journey, the newest release 
by Jeffrey van D is now available for purchase.
Orders placed by July 1 will receive FREE SHIPPING.


Order here! See below for details. Use our email for
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We have the following CDs available for purchase:

*Grey Havens - In the Journey
*Ascend: Limited availability - full price only: $15
*Bending Chords
*Don't Ever Forget
*Yuletide Reflections
*Evensong Meditation: hymns and Americana

First CD costs $15.
Add any subsequent CDs for $7.50 

(Ascend excluded from special pricing.).
Add $3 for shipping (10 cd's? Only $3 shipping!).

**FREE SHIPPING thru July 1

Please indicate how many of each CD you'd like to order 
with your email, phone # and shipping address. 
We will ship the day Grey Havens arrives 
(or when your order arrives after Glen Havens release).

We accept orders through PayPal or check

If you arrange payment by check, 
email us your order details at
Please indicate PayPal order details on your 

PayPal note to vendor.

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We cannot thank you enough for your support. 
Please accept this sincere expression of our gratitude - 

Scott Jeffries - JavaMusiK Management - a coffeehouse 4 your spirit..

Grey Havens Track Listing:
1. Grey Havens
2. As It Was Written
3. Within the Labyrinth
4. My Elusive Muse
5. Are You Twinkling Through the Night?
6. Beethoven's Fate - Symph #5, Mvt 2
7. Misty
8. Symphonyze!
9. And So It Goes
10. Jubi Latte
11. Evening Prayer
12. Spirit of the Heartland
13. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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