Saturday, October 11, 2014

BloG #52: The Shoutout From Sir Elton John Captured

You may remember me getting fairly bent out of shape a couple weeks back, alleging that Sir Elton John paid me a dedication with his final song of the evening in Denver at his Pepsi Center show September 20, 2014. I am happy to report that audio has finally been located, so you can listen and judge for yourself. The short version of the story is that Elton does indeed pay attention to what is written about him. (Scroll down a bit on my page. The complete story is still there.)

I have created a video using the audio with his dedication & snapshots from the article and comment which led to this dedication to (allegedly) ME. Is it possible, that there was another Jeff his comment was intended for? Sure. It is just hard to not believe that given the circumstances and context that this particular dedication was in fact directed at me, with perhaps a slight degree of malice intended considering it possibly was a response to a comment on a review he didn't wholly appreciate. Nevertheless, as I have said multiple times, it is his show & definitely his right & prerogative to perform how ever he sees fit. He completely made his point & proved us naysayers dead wrong!

Oh and hey Elton, if you're reading this... THANK-YOU and great show!!

Here is the audio/video link:
The dedication comes shortly after he starts playing.

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