Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blog #39: New Release - Don't Ever Forget

New Solo Piano release 'Don't Ever Forget' finally saw the light of day today. I cannot tell you the excitement I felt arriving home & finding the box loads waiting on my doorstep!

After several years of already having the music composed, waiting to finally finish the masters degree, moving & starting a new job, finding a place to record, then finally rounding up enough scratch....the waiting is FINALLY over!!! It is here!

The cd features a couple classical/hymn covers:
-Bach's Prelude in C
-Be Thou My Vision

There is also a couple up-tempo original pieces:
-Rocky Mountain Rag

This cd again follows the classic JavaMusiK format with the appearance of white border, lower case lettering and nature photography by my daughters, Emily & Grace. The cover steps away from the old jewel case and utilizes the newer digipak design featuring the sleek cardstock cover so popular among newer releases.

Synchronyze moves forward with being the second in a three part thematic series started by Synyrgyze! on Bending Chords. Part three will find it's way on the next JavaMusiK release of new Jeffrey van D material.

Imagine Jim Brickman introducing George Winston to Elton John. This might be a possible outcome.

Track Listing...

01 Prelude In C
02 Lost Minuet
03 Alpine Road
04 Rocky Mountain Rag
05 Be Thou My Vision
06 Through The Shadows
07 In His Light
08 Sunken Garden
09 Synchronyze!
10 Final Farewell

We hope you choose to order this cd. We think it will stay in your rotation for awhile!

Ordering information is posted at . Use the PayPal links. If you'd prefer to pay by check, contact us by e-mail & we'll gladly make it work for you!



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